Artist’s Statement


Structure and Agency

1.0 Structure.

There is a beautiful word in Greek: Doxa. One of it’s meanings is to ‘Reveal’, or ‘To appear’, or ‘To place oneself within’. One’s Doxa is the world that one is able to reveal oneself. It is the existence that proceeds essence.  The Heimat. The place that one can be who they are (or at least appear to be).  Ones home.  Pierre  Bourdieu  uses the term to describe the social space where an individual is under goes their socialization process for good or ill.  Louis Althusser argued that such a structure could explain the the false consciousness  of the lumpen proletariat. The jingoism and working class prejudice. How ever , for myself when I sat at the back of my sociology class. [I am a child of the 1970’s so sociology and sociological theory was a standard part of the curricullum) I craved to have that false consciousness, that Doxa, that Heimat.  

Such a state of affairs is likely (As Francis Fanon so eloquently argued in the Wretched of the Earth) to cause the alienation and [righteous] indignation of those people who find themselves cast as the ‘other’. The Caliban exiled in a strange land. And fall between the gap that separates the real from the representation. As for myself I found in that crack in the real another way of seeing, or I could say, I was compelled to look upon the world which one should take for granted , with a sense of wonder and curiosity.  I became an apprenticed to the arts. To that world I was indentured.

2.0 Agency.



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